Steel Building Contractor Burien


Steel is a material that can make the building or the object durable and strong. Total Lawn Care, LLC is a reputed steel building contractor in Burien, WA. We have extensive experience in both – pre-fabricated sidings and hangars. Our extensive experience enables us to undertake projects which need unique detailing and structure.

As an experienced steel building contractor, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing them quality structures. We help you build modern and durable buildings through:

  • Repair works
  • Tenant improvements
  • Commercial ground maintenance and many more.

Our exposure as steel building contractors give us an opportunity to understand each area more clearly and provide our customers with their needs. Our steel building contractor service in Burien has gained importance due to our exposure in both small and big projects.

Steel Buildings Construction Burien


Steel buildings construction is a process which needs major investment. Hence, it is very important to choose right people to carry out steel buildings construction. We provide services in the area of steel buildings construction in Burien. Our experienced professionals provide solutions on long-term sustainability, cost reduction and efficiency.

As we have vast experience in metal buildings, we also build hangars for all sizes with wide columns and free spaces. We have a wide understanding of each aspect of our industry like:

  • Government, public and private
  • Installation services
  • Consistent efficiency

We have skilled installers for steel buildings construction that can meet your needs with their excellence and consistency.

Burien Steel Buildings


Metal buildings are known for their long-lasting nature. We provide steel buildings construction and installation in Burien. With the help of our extensive experience and skilled workers, we are able to provide customer oriented services.

Our experts provide services on local codes and regulations to ensure the safety of our clients. Our buildings are constructed by taking quality into consideration. We also undertake all types of metal repair work like:

  • Metal framing
  • Fire damage
  • Damaged purlins and girts
  • Old screw replacement and many more.

We have highly skilled team that undertakes rehabilitation of metal buildings for any kind of damages like wear and tear, natural depreciation, vandalism, and others.

If you are planning to build any kind of metal buildings and require the help of a steel building contractor in Burien, WA, call Total Lawn Care, LLC at (253) 777-4664. We deal with all types of steel building construction in case of damage or a new project.