Decorative Rock Retaining Walls Provide Support and Reduce Erosion

rock-retaining-wall-puyallup-waProperties that are located on the waterfront or on slopes need to create some sort of barrier to protect the buildings and landscape from damage. Decorative rock walls are the ideal solution to this problem. Total Lawn Care is an established company that provides high-quality services for the installation of rock retaining walls for Puyallup, WA residents.

Being a reliable and recommended company, we suggest our clients install rock retaining walls as they are:

  • Great for the environment
  • Stunning to look at
  • Structurally sound

You can either look at our rock retaining wall ideas or get one customized for your property. We will help you achieve the look you want! We not only specialize in installing river rock retaining walls in Puyallup but also in building a stone retaining wall on a slope.

In Puyallup Natural Stone Retaining Walls are Decorative and Functional

stone-retaining-wall-puyallup-waNatural stone retaining walls are not only decorative but they are highly functional as well. They provide adequate protection to the building from any sort of soil erosion while giving the landscape an aesthetic look. We have been catering to the stone retaining wall installation requirements in Puyallup since 2003.

We suggest the installation of stone retaining walls in your Puyallup home as they are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Highly customizable
  • Affordable

You can get the landscape rock walls as stand alone walls or in a terraced setting depending upon your requirements and budget. You have many options of stone to choose from. We will make the stone retaining wall just the way you want it to look adding beauty and value to your home.

Landscape Rock Walls Artistically Designed and Installed in Puyallup

landscape-rock-walls-puyallup-waWhen it is about the beauty and value of your property, you want only the best. With several companies offering services for installing landscape rock walls in Puyallup, choosing the best one can be a challenging task. You should call us to install landscape rock walls in your Puyallup home as we:

  • Are experienced
  • Offer value added services
  • Use the latest equipment and techniques
  • Provide competitive pricing

With us as the company for installing landscape rock walls in Puyallup, you can be assured that you are being served by the best. We will help you choose the most appropriate rock retaining wall design for your property.

Feel free to call Total Lawn Care at (253) 777-4664 for the installation of stone retaining walls in Puyallup.