Decorative Rock Retaining Walls Provide Support & Reduce Erosion

rock-retaining-wall-parkland-waDo you have grading issues in your yard? Are you concerned about soil erosion and the difficulty this causes when you want to landscape the property? Total Lawn Care, LLC offers a simple solution: call us for decorative rock retaining wall installation.

We specialize in constructing landscape rock walls in Parkland, WA properties. Rock or stone retaining walls are some of the most popular solutions for:

  • Stabilizing and supporting a sloped yard
  • Stopping soil erosion
  • Increasing the usable area for landscaping

While installing a rock retaining wall on your Parkland property, we focus not just on the functionality of the structure but also on its aesthetics. We use imaginative rock retaining wall ideas to ensure that every natural stone retaining wall we make becomes an eye-catching decorative landscaping feature.

Parkland Natural Stone Retaining Walls are Decorative & Functional

stone-retaining-wall-parkland-waThere are several options we offer as materials for building retaining walls. A natural stone retaining wall is highly popular because it is both functional and ornamental, which is why we use a mix of materials.

If you want to eliminate erosion issues from your yard and also wish to enhance its beauty and value, call us for stone retaining wall installation services in Parkland. We can create an attractive rock retaining wall in your yard for a number of applications.

Some of the ways in which you can use a stone retaining wall on your Parkland property include:

  • As a terraced yard
  • To separate different outdoor spaces
  • To provide a natural, rugged look to the area
  • To create additional seating in the yard

Landscape Rock Walls Artistically Designed & Installed for Parkland

landscape-rock-walls-parkland-waDesign and installation of landscape rock walls takes great expertise. You should not hire just any neighborhood landscaping company to construct a stone retaining wall on your property.

Improperly designed or inexpertly installed landscape rock walls in Parkland properties won't be strong or stable for long. Ultimately, such structures may do more harm than good, especially if they collapse and cause landscape damage.

We are the experts to hire for rock retaining wall construction. Our technicians have the knowledge, creativity, skills and experience to install landscape rock walls that are:

  • Artistically designed
  • Straight, sturdy and durable
  • Built to code
  • A suitable drainage solution

Contact us to discuss your requirements for landscape rock walls and let our technicians get started with their design and installation.

Total Lawn Care, LLC is the #1 choice for rock retaining wall installation services in Parkland and its surrounding areas. Call (253) 777-4664.