A Retaining Wall Provides Support and Reduces Erosion

Retaining-Wall-Tacoma-WAAt times, buildings or landscapes may involve construction on sloped exterior spaces. Building a concrete retaining wall or other type of retaining wall becomes a must in such places to prevent the soil from running off.

The retaining wall works as a protective structure that stops down slope movement and prevents erosion and foundation damage.

Total Lawn Care, LLC provides expert services to design and build your retaining wall to retain and support your driveway, home, garden, and other terraced areas. We offer several options in retaining wall construction for you to choose from, including:

  • Natural stone and rock walls
  • Concrete retaining wall
  • Timber retaining wall

Though you get the rock walls or concrete retaining wall installed for a practical purpose, we make sure that it is not an eye-sore. We can install your concrete retaining wall as a tiered pathway, turn it into an additional seating space, or include it in the creative placement of foliage.

Rock Walls are Decorative as Well as Functional Landscaping

The best thing about rock walls is that they make the retaining wall a remarkable decorative feature of the landscaping without sacrificing on its functionality. Rock walls have a unique old world charm and are very pleasing to the eye.

Meanwhile, the sturdiness of rock walls is beyond compare and they can hold back massive amounts of soil. Rock walls stand up well to the vagaries of weather.

When engineered by knowledgeable retaining wall experts, such as those at TLC, your rock wall scan carry on for years with almost no risk of collapsing or getting damaged.

Come to us for artistically designed rock walls that add an element of timeless elegance to your property and its landscape. The rock walls we build offer a combination of:

  • Beauty
  • Style
  • Strength
  • Durability


Concrete Retaining Wall Installation for Home or Business Property

A concrete retaining wall is prized for its strength versatility and durability. A well-designed concrete retaining wall is a worthwhile investment for a home as well as a business property.

Come to TLC and get our experts to install a concrete retaining wall that is:

  • Versatile - accommodates curvatures/bends
  • Highly customizable - can be colored and textured
  • Low maintenance


Whether you want it for slope support or grade change, we can provide you with a concrete retaining wall in the size, color, and finish you desire.

Do you want a retaining wall that prevents yard erosion and also adds beauty to your yard? Get rock walls or a concrete retaining wall installed by Total Lawn Care, LLC. Call us at 253-777-4664.