Retaining Walls Parkland

retaining-wall-parkland-wa Having an attractive landscape for your home or office speaks volumes about your lifestyle or business. Landscaping with retaining walls is a great way to share your personal taste, as well as prevent soil erosion and increase usable space.

Retaining walls provide support for soil on a hill, making it easier for soil to stay in place. Landscaping with retaining walls not only beautifies your property but also prevents damage to the building's foundation.

We at Total Lawn Care, LLC offer the construction of all kinds of retaining walls for Parkland, WA residents to add to the aesthetic value of their property.

Through our experienced and professionally qualified engineers and technicians, we offer:

  • Landscape design
  • Exterior living space design
  • Outdoor fireplace design and installation
  • Commercial landscape services

Rock Walls Parkland

rock-walls-parkland-wa Retaining walls constructed with rock without using mortar or cement are capable of withstanding a lot of soil pressure and movement.

On top of that, they can last a very long time. Rock walls:

  • Offer a natural beauty
  • Prevent soil erosion and sliding
  • Can create more seating space
  • Can create more gardening space

Building rock walls with natural stones adds to the creativity of any Parkland landscaping. The concrete blocks laid without mortar can also be covered with a thin coating of cement and glass fiber to increase the strength and beauty of rock walls.

We can show you pictures of rock walls we've installed to give you a better idea.

Parkland Concrete Retaining Walls

concrete-retaining-wall-parkland-wa Concrete retaining walls serve dual functions: stabilizing the soil as well as adding decorative value.

The concrete retaining walls also prevent the:

  • Formation of sink holes
  • Accumulation of water
  • Soil erosion
  • Damage to property foundation

We employ the latest technology for the construction of concrete retaining walls in the Parkland area. In addition, we also reinforce and build concrete retaining walls, as well as offer gravity walls, pre-crib walls, Gabion walls and soil nailing.

Our experienced staff ensures fast and thorough construction for concrete retaining walls within the stipulated time period. That's why our customers are so happy with our concrete retaining walls and related services.

As a result, we are considered one of the best in the business of constructing rock walls and concrete retaining walls in Parkland.

Considering rock walls or concrete retaining walls for your landscape in Parkland? Contact us at Total Lawn Care, LLC at (253) 777- 4664.