Retaining Wall Installation for Property Owners in Gig Harbor

Retaining-Wall-Gig-Harbor-waAt Total Lawn Care,we are committed to providing reliable and quality service when it comes to retaining wall installation in Gig Harbor, WA. Property owners in Gig Harbor can choose from a wide collection of retaining walls. Installing a retaining wall in your Gig Harbor property can help you in many ways, including:

  • By providing functional support
  • By helping to prevent erosion
  • Wood retaining walls help to prevent damage to the property
  • Sinkholes can be prevented by wood retaining walls

Wood retaining walls or retaining walls in general are often seen as protective structures for Gig Harbor homesbecause a retaining wall can hold the soil away from a structure.

Retaining Walls Provide Support and Erosion Control in Gig Harbor

Erosion-Control-Gig-Harbor-waRetaining walls, whether made of concrete or wood, serve a dual purpose. Retaining walls are often used by Gig Harbor residents both for their functionality as well as for their appearance. In simple terms, retaining walls can be considered as dams that help to stabilize an uneven Gig Harbor landscape.

The most common retaining walls used in the landscaping of residential areas in Gig Harbor are:

  • Sheet pile retaining walls
  • Gravity retaining walls
  • Counter fort retaining walls
  • Anchored retaining walls
  • Wood retaining wall

Home owners in Gig Harbor and other nearby areas usually prefer gravity retaining walls over wood retaining walls as they are built up to a height of about four feet. These retaining walls are thicker at the bottom and they taper out as they reach the top; therefore such retaining walls are not effective for taller slopes in Gig Harbor.

Concrete, Stone or Wood Retaining Wall Installation in Gig Harbor

Wood-Retaining-Gig-Harbor-waThe best thing about wood retaining walls is that these can also be used for decorative purposes in your Gig Harbor home. Wood retaining walls look very pleasing to the eye and they have a unique charm about them. Our knowledge able professionals can help you to construct a wood retaining wall which would have almost no risk of getting damaged for years to come.

Apart from retaining wall services, some of the other services offered by our professionals are:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Drainage management
  • Irrigation installation
  • Lawn mowing

You can get in touch with the experts at Total Lawn Care and secure your Gig Harbor home with the help of retaining walls. Gig Harbor residents can call us at 253-777-4664 for retaining wall services.