Retaining Walls Fife

retaining-wall-fife-wa In steep, sloped areas, especially in backyards, landscape maintenance sometimes becomes a major issue. The construction of retaining walls is the perfect solution for these areas, as these walls are designed to keep soil in place.

Retaining walls are especially useful in hilly areas, and the walls also beautify houses, add to landscapes, allow for hillside farming and more.

Total Lawn Care, LLC offers high quality services for the construction of concrete retaining walls in Fife, WA. We specialize in the construction of various kinds of retaining walls that include:

  • Gravity walls
  • Pre-crib walls
  • Gabion walls (wire-mash boxes)
  • Slurry and secant walls
  • Soil nailing

We have a number of retaining wall designs and we offer high quality services through our professionally qualified technicians.

Rock Walls Fife

rock-walls-fife-wa Using traditional methods, we can construct rock walls in Fife without using cement or mortar.

Rock walls constructed with stones:

  • Help create pathways
  • Prevent hillside erosion
  • Are natural-looking
  • Last a long time

Building rock walls with natural stones helps create a beautiful landscape and can create more seating, more space for gardening or just give your yard the look you've always wanted.

Our skilled technicians are always here for projects involving the construction of rock walls with natural stones.

Fife Concrete Retaining Walls

concrete-retaining-wall-fife-wa Concrete retaining walls increase aesthetic value and can add to a variety of landscape designs.

In addition, concrete retaining walls also prevent the formation of sink holes, accumulation of water that causes flooding and soil erosion, as well as damage to the property.

Concrete retaining walls also reduce the cost of maintenance and can let you show off your personal taste on your property's landscaping.

When it comes to the construction of concrete retaining walls in Fife, our expert engineers and technicians offer:

  • Landscape design assistance
  • Construction for homes and businesses
  • Outdoor living space design
  • Exterior fireplace design and installation

Owing to our quality of work and competence in constructing concrete retaining walls, our customers are always satisfied with the end result. We also offer a very reasonable and comparable cost, and we are rated one of the best in the retaining walls business in Fife.

Should you require our services for the installation of rock walls or concrete retaining walls in Fife, please contact Total Lawn Care, LLC. Call us at (253) 777- 4664.