Ponds Steilacoom

ponds-steilacoom-wa If you want to give your plain garden an impressive look, consider installing a water feature like water gardens, ponds or backyard waterfalls in your Steilacoom, WA property.

Ponds have a huge impact on the look of any garden or yard. If you want custom designed ponds, consider the services of Total Lawn Care, LLC.
For Steilacoom homes and businesses, we provide:

  • Custom-designed ponds
  • Installation of water features
  • Maintenance for ponds and water features

Our services are meticulously designed and delivered so that there is no chance that you're not 100% happy with the ponds that we install. Whether your lawn is big or small, we can install ponds that fit them perfectly.

Water Gardens Steilacoom

water-gardens-steilacoom-waWe are dedicated and passionate about the work we do. Installing ponds or water gardens in the Steilacoom area is something we enjoy doing. Create a personalized space for yourself and pend some quiet, quality and enjoyable time with your friends and family by your water gardens.

You can choose from a variety of water gardens designs. There are certain things that we keep in mind while designing and installing water gardens for any residence, including:

  • Budget constraints
  • Amount of space available
  • Clients' preferences
  • Timely completion of projects

We work hard to create outdoor spaces that are relaxing, easy to maintain and affordable. Call us today to share your water gardens ideas and to set up a consultation.

Steilacoom Water Features and Backyard Waterfalls

water-feature-steilacoom-wa Installing water features in the Steilacoom community doesn't need to be expensive if you find a company who believes in high-quality yet affordable services. We can install water features or backyard waterfalls in your yard within your budget.

Our staff will gather the details about your project and build the best water gardens, backyard waterfalls or ponds you could only dream of. We have extensive knowledge in designing and installing water features of all kinds, and we have been doing this since 2003.

Our water features are one-of-a-kind because of our:

  • Excellent concepts and ideas
  • Great services
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment
  • In-depth and latest knowledge
  • Years of experience

Contact us to check out some of our backyard waterfalls ideas. Take your pick from an array of backyard waterfalls designs.

Enjoy lovely ponds or water features for your Steilacoom garden by calling Total Lawn Care, LLC. Call us at (253) 777-4664 to discuss your project.