Ponds Add a Unique Touch to Your Renton Home Landscaping

ponds-add-Renton-waBeautifying the outdoor spaces with mesmerizing ponds and water features in Renton, WA is equally important as taking care of the interior of your property. To give an impressive and exceptional look to the landscaping of your Renton home, we offer services for installing ponds, backyard waterfalls, and water gardens. Total Lawn Care is a leading landscaping company in Renton, providing reliable solutions related to water features and ponds to residential and commercial property owners since 2003. We are an excellent choice in Renton, whether you are looking for:

  • Installation and care of ponds
  • Installation of backyard waterfalls
  • Maintenance of water gardens

The landscaping of your Renton property might be incomplete without picturesque ponds and water gardens. That is why we leave no stone unturned when designing and installing ponds, water features, and backyard waterfalls for our clients in Renton.

Water Gardens Create a Calming Environment for Renton Homeowners

water-garden-renton-waThe beauty of ponds, water gardens, and water features is incomparable, as they play a huge role in adding a sense of balance and tranquility to the surroundings of your Renton home. Besides creating a peaceful haven for yourself, installing water gardens and backyard waterfalls are ideal waysto make a lasting impact on your guests.

We understand the impact of these water features and do not compromise on quality or style when designing and installing water gardens. You can completely rely on our experts in Renton, as they possess:

  • Exceptional knowledge of designing water gardens
  • Expertise and skills in installing ponds and water features
  • Good understanding of client's needs

Whether you own a commercial or residential property in Renton, you can get ponds and water gardens custom designed to meet your requirements. Once our clients make us aware of their budget and needs, we strive to design idyllic water gardens to offer them an ideal retreat.

Water Features and Backyard Waterfalls Installed in Renton

water-features-Renton-waWater features make a central point of your Rentonlandscaping. Creatively designed and professionally installed water features and backyard waterfalls can make ideal additions to your property in Renton. You can hire us for the installation of:

  • Backyard waterfalls in various sizes
  • Poolside waterfalls
  • Ponds with backyard waterfalls
  • Backyard waterfalls without ponds

For more information, or to hire us to install your ponds, water features, and backyard waterfalls in Renton, you can call Total Lawn Care at 253-777-4664.