Ponds Parkland

ponds-parkland-wa Stylishly designed water features in your yard can create a relaxing, tranquil retreat. They can transform your outdoor space into an enjoyable venue where you can spend quality time with friends and family.

Ponds and backyard waterfalls are very popular among home and business owners. If you have always dreamed of having backyard ponds on your property, Total Lawn Care, LLC has the right designs for you.

Parkland, WA area home or commercial property owners can call our experts to build backyard ponds that are:

  • Beautiful
  • The right size for your space
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adding value

Allow us to make your landscape come alive with highly functional water features including meandering streams, water gardens, backyard waterfalls and more. We'll increase your property value and help you spend time enjoying the outdoors.

Water Gardens Parkland

water-gardens-parkland-wa Backyard fish ponds are often referred to as water gardens. They form a beautiful and natural addition to any landscaping plan, and they're work of art that requires a professional touch.

We can offer you a number of designs for water gardens in your Parkland property that are customized to suit your requirements. Our skilled artisans ensure your water gardens looks beautiful and operate flawlessly in every season.

Our experienced and skilled team will help you with all essential water garden features, including:

  • Site selection
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Structure
  • Maintenance

If you want to add features like cascades and bridges to your backyard waterfalls, we have the best designs in mind. Just give us a call; we are happy to help!

Parkland Water Features and Backyard Waterfalls

water-feature-parkland-wa Large water features are not always necessary to make your property look attractive. We can suggest and build backyard waterfalls on your Parkland property that will fit your budget and leave a great impression on your visitors! We have the expertise needed to install water features of any scale.

If backyard waterfalls fascinate you, just give us a call. We will create a simple or elaborate design that you can enjoy for years. Allow us to make your landscape more interesting, satisfying, relaxing and decorative with an array of waterscapes or water features for your Parkland property.

We are experts in:

  • Backyard waterfalls
  • Poolside waterfalls
  • Waterfall ponds
  • Pondless re-circulating waterfalls
  • Koi ponds
  • Water gardens

For design and installation of ponds and water gardens in the Parkland area, call Total Lawn Care, LLC at 253-777-4664. We design water features that add beauty to any landscape.