Ponds Can Be Designed and Installed on Home or Business Property

Ponds-Lakewood-WABackyard ponds can transform an outdoor space into a paradise! Stylishly designed backyard ponds, whether for homes or commercial settings, make the landscape come alive.

However, creating a garden pond is a very specialized job.It might surprise you to know that almost 80% of backyard ponds rarely function properly beyond a year of installation.

The design and installation of backyard ponds calls for special skills, creative instincts, and in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem. At Total Lawn Care, LLC, we have it all. We are pros at designing and installing backyard ponds on residential and commercial properties.

We realize that to have well-balanced, lively, and inviting backyard ponds, it is important that components of the ponds work well together, just as nature intended. Therefore, we make sure that our backyard ponds have the right mix of:

  • Water
  • Floating and other aquatic plants
  • Healthy fish
  • Rocks and gravel

Backyard Ponds for Large or Small Yards

Backyard-Ponds-LakewoodDo you think that a garden pond is a luxury to be enjoyed only by those with large properties? Banish the thought and come to TLC. We can create backyard ponds for all types of yards, large or small.

The backyard ponds we install can be used as:

  • Aesthetic additions to the landscaping
  • Private spaces for relaxing
  • Venues for entertaining guests in style


Regardless of the size of your garden pond, we assure you that it will be a thing of beauty and the focal point of your property. You are sure to enjoy your investment in a garden pond for a lifetime!

A Garden Pond Will Turn Your Yard into a Peaceful Retreat

Garden-Pond-LakewoodVacations at places near water offer an escape from the daily grind, but only for a short while. A garden pond in your backyard gives you a private peaceful, retreat to relax in any time you want.

TLC can help you get a well-maintained garden pond where you can unwind after a hectic day. You will definitely feel all the exhaustion and tension draining out of your body as you sit by the garden pond.

Backyard ponds are also great for family togetherness, and your garden pond will make a wonderful spot for spending fun-filled hours with your loved ones.

We promise you a garden pond that is:

  • Natural-looking
  • Clean and beautiful
  • Sustainable
  • Low maintenance


Get backyard ponds to reconnect with the beautiful and soothing Mother Nature! Call Total Lawn Care, LLC at 253-777-4664 for the design and installation of your backyard ponds.