Ponds Fife

ponds-fife-wa Ponds are a wonderful addition to any yard. Backyard ponds that include aquatic plants and colorful fish add great visual interest to any landscaping. Some property owners even install underwater lighting in ponds to enhance their beauty and create a striking nighttime feature.

Design, installation and maintenance of ponds calls for professional attention. Total Lawn Care, LLC is the expert to call for constructing ponds in Fife, WA.

Established in 2003, our landscaping company has vast experience in installing outdoor water features, such as koi ponds, water gardens, fountains and backyard waterfalls.

A lot of creativity as well as knowledge of water systems goes into designing and installing ponds. Access to specialized equipment, an experienced team and affordable materials are also essential.

We have all this, which is why we are the people to hire for installing ponds in Fife homes and commercial properties. We are known for making ponds that are:

  • Attractive and lively
  • Well-balanced
  • Sustainable

Water Gardens Fife

water-gardens-fife-wa As landscaping features, water gardens are quite relaxing and beautiful. The elegance, uniqueness and tranquility that a water garden adds to a landscape is beyond words. It transforms an ordinary garden into a wonderful sanctuary.

We can create water gardens for Fife properties in backyards of any shape and size. Our technicians have the skills and experience to install different types of water gardens.

Whether you are interested in a traditional, oriental-themed water garden or wish to invest in a classy modern water garden, we have you covered.

We offer highly customized services for the design and installation of water gardens. While handling your water garden construction project, we listen to your wishes regarding the:

  • Location of the garden
  • Size of the garden
  • Type of water garden plants to be used
  • General pool design and size

Fife Water Features and Backyard Waterfalls

water-feature-fife-wa All types of water features, whether quiet reflection ponds or large backyard waterfalls, take your landscape's beauty and utility to the next level. Installation of water features in Fife properties can also result in:

  • Improved air quality
  • White noise that reduces stress
  • A soothing ambience

Do not think twice about calling us for water features for your front or backyard. You are sure to reap amazing and lasting returns from the investment!

Call us today to discuss backyard waterfalls ideas or to schedule the installation of other outdoor water features on your property.

Choose Total Lawn Care, LLC for design and installation of water gardens on your Fife property. Dial (253) 777-4664.