Parking Lot Sweeping Offers Immediate Improvement

parking-lot-sweeping-tacoma-waOf all the property maintenance jobs, parking lot sweeping is usually considered the least important. Property owners often fail to realize that lack of proper parking lot maintenance may cause the asphalt or concrete surface to wear out prematurely, burdening them with expensive repairs or repaving.

You can save your investment by contracting with Total Lawn Care & Total Property for a regular parking lot sweeping service. Our company handles parking lot cleaning jobs for indoor as well as outdoor spaces and structures.

We are known for comprehensive and effective parking lot sweeper services. The work done by our parking lot sweeping and lot maintenance experts include:

  • Hand-picking litter from planters like bottles, cans, cups and paper bags
  • Sweeping off dust, dirt, fallen leaves, etc.
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Removing grime, grease, and graffiti

Parking Lot Cleaning For Your Commercial Property

parking-lot-cleaning-tacoma-waParking lot cleaning is important for the success of businesses that have dedicated parking spaces. Most people react poorly to an unkempt lot filled with trash and debris. They do not have a positive or professional impression of the company whose lot it is.

Hiring us for regularly-scheduled parking lot sweeping makes sure that potential customers and business associates who reach your premises walk inside think favorably of you and are inclined to work with you. Our thorough commercial parking lot cleaning also helps keep the property safe and protects your business from needless expenses like car damage claims, slip & fall damage suits or environmental violation fines.

We give your business establishment an immaculate exterior area by working with state-of-the-art parking lot cleaning equipment that includes:

  • The latest vacuum sweepers
  • Powerful backpack blowers
  • Pressure washers

Our parking lot cleaning services make use of soft scrubbers and safe cleaning solutions so that the lot maintenance work does not end up damaging the surface.

Choose TLC To Handle Your Lot Maintenance Needs

lot-maintenance-tacoma-waWe work hard to provide parking lot maintenance services that build lasting customer relationships by providing excellent workmanship that exceed expectations.

Whether you call us for one-time parking lot sweeping to prepare your property for a special event or hire us for a continuing parking lot maintenance program, we deliver services that are second to none. We:

  • Schedule the job quickly
  • Send over seasoned technicians
  • Bag and remove the debris to leave your property totally clean
  • Keep parking lot cleaning prices affordable

Let Total Lawn Care & Total Property handle your parking lot sweeping and lot maintenance needs. Call (253) 777-4664.