Outdoor Fountains for Residential and Commercial Property

Graceful outdoor fountains are the best things to complement the lush greenery of a landscape. Whether placed at the entrance of a residential or commercial property or set in the backyard, outdoor water fountains can enhance any outdoor space.

You too can transform your landscaping by hiring Total Lawn Care, LLC for installing outdoor fountains. The different types of outdoor fountains we install include:

  • Standalone outdoor water fountains
  • Bubbling urns & spitters
  • Pool fountains
  • Wall garden fountains Style

Our creative eye and artistic sensibilities make sure that you get garden fountains that look simply spectacular. From innovative design, imaginative placement, and impeccable installation, we handle every aspect of the project expertly. The outdoor water fountains we install for you are sure to get you bubbling with joy and contentment.

Garden Fountains Create a Focal Point in Your Landscape Design

Outdoor fountains can be a combination of water feature and garden art. These decorative landscape design elements add to the allure of your landscaping. Garden fountains tend to grab instant attention and become the focal point of your outdoor space.

We at TLC love bringing landscapes alive by installing innovatively designed outdoor fountains. The outdoor water fountains we install come in a vast array of designs, shapes, and sizes. Small yards can have wall-mounted outdoor fountains, while large properties can flaunt massive garden fountains as their landscaping centerpiece.

Those who want their outdoor fountains to make an understated, yet sophisticated splash can have elegant spray jet garden fountains lined alongside the pool or lawn.

If you wish, we can provide you with outdoor fountains with additional features, such as

  • Lights on your outdoor water fountains
  • Thermostats on your outdoor water fountains
  • Flow rate regulators on your outdoor water fountains

Outdoor Water Fountains Are Well Known for Relieving Stress

The therapeutic, stress-relieving qualities of water have been known to humanity since times immemorial. As landscaping professionals, we strive to help people enjoy these by bringing an element of water into their exterior spaces in the form of garden fountains.

If you too want your eyes and soul to experience the unique pleasure that comes from the sight and sound of flowing water, allow TLC to design and build outdoor water fountains for you. Our garden fountains are sure to give you the garden retreat you have always dreamed of.

Call us to install outdoor water fountains that enhance your landscaping with more:

  • Style
  • Beauty
  • Serenity from the flow of garden fountains


Total Lawn Care, LLC is a proven expert in design and installation of outdoor fountains. Call 253-777-4664 for awesome garden fountains that complete your beautiful landscaping.