Metal Barn Builder Lynnwood


The word ‘barn’ is typically associated with an aging wooden building. The trend, however, has now shifted to metal barns. A growing number of property owners prefer installing steel barns instead of wood ones. Total Lawn Care is happy to do that for them.

We are a metal barn builder serving the Lynnwood, WA area since 2003. We make customized steel barns for all types of applications. The jobs undertaken by us as a metal barn builder include construction of:

  • Horse barns
  • Cattle barns
  • Hay barns
  • Grain and fruit storage barns
  • Barns for storing farm equipment

Being a metal barn builder that places a high premium on quality, we make sure that all our jobs are marked by the finest in workmanship and materials. Hiring us as your metal barn builder in the Lynnwood area assures you of a strong, functional and durable structure that offers a great deal of use and can withstand a lot of abuse.

Steel Barns Lynnwood


Steel barns have a number of advantages over the traditional wood barns. A steel barn:

  • Does not allow critter infestations
  • Do not warp, rot or crack due to the elements
  • Is not susceptible to fire break-out
  • Cost lesser to install
  • Requires very little maintenance

We offer high-quality steel barns for Lynnwood properties. Working with the leading steel building suppliers in this area, we install some of the finest pre-fabricated and pre-engineered structures for the use of our customers.

Our objective on every job handled as a metal barn builder is to give farm owners the perfect structures for their needs. We install and assemble steel barns in a multitude of design styles and configurations.

Horse Barns Lynnwood


Horses are an important part of American history and identity. Not surprisingly, Americans want the best possible horse barns for keeping their beloved equines. This is where we come in.

We are a reputable animal barn builder and are the foremost choice for installation of metal frame horse barns in the Lynnwood area. We can be trusted to build horse barns:

  • Of any shape, size and color
  • With a number of utilitarian features
  • In compliance with the local building codes
  • To stand up to year-long extreme weather conditions

The horse barns built by us combine the ultimate in efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability. Call Total Lawn Care, LLC for installation of custom-designed steel barns in Lynnwood properties. Dial (253) 777-4664 to discuss your job for our metal barn builder.