Metal Barn Builders Kirkland


Having a horse at your place had been a symbol of status, authority and pride for the owner right from ancient times. Horse owners, for providing safe and comfortable place for keeping their horses, consult metal barn builders as steel barns have been found to be better as compared to other types of barns.

Metal barn builders design steel barns giving priority to the:

  • Durability of barn
  • Comfort for horses
  • Safety of horses

Metal barn builders prefer to construct horse barns using steel for being strong, recyclable, and economical and can be erected faster. Total Lawn Care LLC, is one of the most experienced metal barn builders offering services in Kirkland, WA.

By virtue of our customer friendly approach, cost effectiveness and punctuality in accomplishment of job, we are recognized as one of the most reliable metal barn builders in Kirkland.

Steel Barn Kirkland


The steel barns built by the metal barn builders are designed as per the requirements of clients to meet certain criteria like a comfortable shelter for the horse, space for feeding, washing & dressage and storage of water and fodder.

Steel barns are preferred because of low cost of:

  • Construction
  • Longevity
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Steel barns offer added advantages of larger space for horse movement, high sustainability and flexibility for expansion. The facility of bigger stalls, wash stalls with overhead hose system, insulation for extreme weathers, adequate air flow and ventilation is provided by steel barns.

We offer our impeccable services based on advanced technology in the construction of steel barn to the residents of Kirkland.

Horse Barn Kirkland


Building horse barn with all the amenities and comforts is no less than a passion for horse lovers. A large number of barn builders are in the field of constructing fully customized horse barns with variety of features.

As a metal barn builder, we specialize in constructing steel horse barns in Kirkland while adhering to the local and construction laws. While designing, we consider:

  • Larger movement space
  • Adequate space for cleaning
  • Natural light
  • Tack and feed rooms

Our trained technicians strive for creating horse barns with enhanced aesthetic values. We make sure to accomplish building a dream horse barn within budget and committed period. Our dedicated endeavors help us in living up to our reputation as an efficient organization.

Should you plan for a dream horse barn made up of metal or steel in Kirkland by steel construction experts, call Total Lawn Care, LLC at (253) 777-4664.