Metal Barn Builders Federal Way


Owning a horse is an expensive hobby and horse owners take pride in boosting the breed and qualities of their horse. Their passion for horses is evident from the way they maintain the barn.

In order to house the horses, people nowadays prefer steel instead of barns made up of wood. Accordingly, metal barn builders have come up with various designs as horse barns constructed with steel are:

  • Strong
  • Built faster
  • Cost effective

The steel barns, built by metal barn builders, require almost negligible maintenance and are easy to repair. We at Total Lawn Care, LLC are renowned metal barn builders offering services in Federal Way, WA. Through our professionally qualified engineers and technicians, we offer our best services constructing the barns within the stipulated time and budget.

Steel Barn Federal Way


The steel barns not only add to the aesthetic values but also provide various facilities for the horses to live with comfort. The metal barn builders, while constructing, bear in mind to build bigger stalls with wider aisles to allow more space for the horse to move easily.

Steel barns are ideally constructed for horses considering their:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Convenience

The barn builders while constructing steel barns add separate washing stalls, tack room for storage of fodder and water, besides keeping provision for natural light. Steel barns with adequate ventilation and proper insulation are the prominent feature considered during construction.

We being one of the most experienced and technically sound metal barn builders, offer our service for the construction of steel barns in Federal Way, at most affordable cost.

Horse Barn Federal Way


Owing to the possessiveness of horse owners for their horses, metal barn builders, construct horse barns with all features of comforts and safety of the animal. Hence, fully customized horse barns with future expansion provisions are constructed.

We specialize in building stylish horse barn for housing, washing and recreation of horses. During construction, our experienced architects besides constructing a safe horse barn in Federal Way also strive to ensure:

  • Completion on time
  • Ensure comfortable environment
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive and affordable cost

Due to our customer oriented approach and philosophy of no compromise on work ethics; we have made our presence felt as one of the most trustworthy organizations in the field of horse barn construction in Federal Way.

If you desire to construct a dream horse barn or steel barn in Federal Way through metal barn builders call Total Lawn Care LLC at (253) 777-4664.