Metal Barn Builder Everett


Proper storage solutions are critically important in the agricultural industry. Total Property Services is a metal barn builder in the Everett, WA area that can provide sturdy, efficient, practical and cost-effective storage spaces for farmers as well as ranchers.

We can construct or assemble pre-fabricated steel barns that are customized to suit the unique needs and exact specifications of every user. Whether someone is planning to invest in metal horse barns, needs hay barns made of steel or wants steel barns for storing farm equipment and other inventory, we are the metal barn builder to get in touch with.

Our company offers steel barns from two of the most reputable metal building providers – Capitol Steel and General Steel. With us as your metal barn builder in the Everett area, you can rest assured about having storage or horse barns that are:

  • Configured as per the intended usage
  • Rugged enough to withstand any amount of use and abuse
  • Installed in compliance with the local building codes
  • Backed by superb manufacturer warranties

Steel Barns Everett


We are committed to providing our customers with steel barns that help them manage their farming tasks better. The strong and resilient barns are designed to bring their owners great flexibility in taking care of their agricultural equipment and livestock.

Our services as a metal barn builder also focus on erecting structures that deliver excellent ROI to the customer. While constructing steel barns in Everett farms, we take care that the:

  • Optimal location is identified after assessing soil and loading conditions
  • Finest quality materials are used
  • Proven engineering systems are utilized

We put highly skilled and experienced technicians to work on installing the steel barns. The dedication to quality has made us the most trusted steel barn fabricator here.

Horse Barns Everett


We are also the leading local animal barn builder. Our metal horse barns provide safe shelter for the farm animals during periods of extreme cold, intense heat and big rainstorms.

A metal barn builder serving the Everett community since 2003, we have honed our skills at erecting horse barns to perfection. Besides constructing barns that facilitate good animal care, we do everything else necessary to ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers. We:

  • Complete the barn installation in scheduled time
  • Keep the metal barn cost fair and affordable
  • Treat clients and their property with respect

Looking for a reliable metal barn builder? Dial (253) 777-4664. Total Property Services installs elegant, functional and durable steel horse barns in Everett properties.