Landscape Design Assistance for Home and Business Owners

landscape-design-lakewood-waWhen it comes to landscape design, you are limited only by your imagination. Creative landscape design ideas can transform a bare and dull yard into a beautiful, colorful, and lively part of the property.

Apart from ingenuity and inspiration, landscaping design calls for specialized knowledge. So, professional landscape design assistance is always valuable.

Total Lawn Care, LLC offers innovative landscape design ideas for home and business owners. Our landscape design services are custom-made as per your landscaping design preferences and property orientation.The process involves:

  • Detailed landscape design discussion with you
  • Understanding your unique landscape design ideas
  • Weighing the practicality of the desired landscaping design
  • Creating a landscape design that fits your vision, budget, and space

Being proven pros at landscaping design, we give due consideration to the different aspects of landscape design, including aesthetics, horticulture, and environmental sustainability.

Why a Unique Landscaping Design Can Increase Your Property Value

landscape-design-puyallupThe visual delight and sensual gratification you get from your wonderful landscaping design is priceless. However, the benefits of a unique landscaping design go much beyond this.

TLC offers landscape design ideas that improve your property’s aesthetics, block the unpleasant views in the neighborhood, and lower the noise levels around your property. And most importantly, our exclusive landscaping design adds a great deal to the value of your property because:

  • Great landscape design makes the property more attractive, desirable, and saleable
  • Unique landscape design ideas indicate that the property is well-maintained
  • Landscaping design can add to the living space on the property and so boost its value
  • The property stands out with unique landscape design, so buyers are ready to pay more


Landscape Design Ideas • Outdoor Living Areas, Custom Patios & Decks

landscape-design-tacomaTLC endeavors to come up with landscape design ideas that make optimum use of your land and give you the best possible landscaping design within your landscaping budget.

Our landscape design ideas include an imaginative mix of plants, hardscape features, and garden art. The landscaping design elements around which our inventive landscape design professionals create your landscaping include:

  • Trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Walkways
  • Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains
  • Gazebos
  • Custom patios and decks
  • Outdoor kitchens


We assure you of landscape design ideas that increase your pleasure from life and make you fall more in love with your property with every passing day.

Get landscape design ideas from Total Lawn Care, LLC and bring the wow factor into your landscaping. Call 253-777-4664 today!