Irrigation Systems for Residential and Commercial Property

Irrigation-Systems-Tacoma-WAProperly installed irrigation systems, or a lawn sprinkler system, can be a wonderful asset for your property. If you want to have a landscape that is always well hydrated and, consequently, vibrant, lush and blooming, an automatic irrigation system will be a big help.

Total Lawn Care, LLC offers professional services to handle all your landscape and lawn irrigation system needs. Our irrigation system and lawn sprinkler system capabilities include:

  • Residential automatic lawn sprinkler system Installation
  • Installation of commercial irrigation systems
  • Low flow, drip irrigation systems
  • Management of irrigation systems

We evaluate the water pressure and volume in a region, the sunny and shady areas of the landscape, and other essentials before designing custom irrigation systems. Our lawn sprinkler system experts work with you to assess your watering requirements so that you get an irrigation system that is ideal for you.

Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs

Lawn-Sprinkler-System-TacomaEven a few days without adequate water can damage your painstakingly developed lawn. TLC offers automatic irrigation systems that make it easy for you to maintain a healthy lawn.

We employ professional lawn sprinkler system installers who do a thorough job, taking care that the setting up of irrigation systems does not damage the landscaping in any way. Moreover, we install only a professional grade lawn sprinkler system to make sure that you get smooth and hassle-free services from your irrigation system.

The irrigation systems we set up for our clients are comprised of highly advanced equipment, including:

  • Rain bird and Hunter irrigation system controllers
  • Spray and rotary nozzles for your irrigation system
  • Drip systems
  • Rain sensors to regulate the irrigation system

We also specialize in repairing irrigation systems and offer the services of expert technicians who can help you enjoy an efficient lawn sprinkler system season after season.

An Irrigation System Will Save Water, Time, and Money

tacoma-irrigation-systemTLC is focused on installing irrigation systems that are not only user-friendly, but also environment-friendly. You will find the automatic lawn sprinkler system we install to be a simple and time-saving way of keeping your landscape green and healthy.

Meanwhile, the controlled and properly measured water delivery from the irrigation system saves you money by using only such amounts of water that is actually needed.

Come to us for:

  • Irrigation systems that allow quick and convenient watering
  • A lawn sprinkler system that frees you from lugging around hoses
  • An advanced irrigation system that prevents water wasting

Total Lawn Care, LLC is the trusted source for the most efficient and affordable irrigation systems. Call 253-777-4664 to have your automatic lawn sprinkler system installed.