Irrigation Systems for South Tacoma Residential & Commercial Properties

irrigation-system-south-tacoma-waAre you concerned that your lawn and landscape are not being watered correctly but you do not have the time or knowledge to know for sure? You know you need assistance but are not sure who to call? Relax! Total Lawn Care, LLC is here to help.

Our company offers its services for irrigation system design and installation in South Tacoma, WA. We send out a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians to design and install the right irrigation system in your residential or commercial property.

The system is customized to meet the exact watering requirements of your yard. We can make landscape or lawn irrigation arrangement in freshly-landscaped properties and also install drip irrigation system replacements, additions or upgrades to existing properties.

No matter what the job, we make sure that our drip irrigation system services for South Tacoma residents are always:

  • Highly efficient
  • Competitively-priced
  • Delivered in a very professional, stress-free manner

Custom Drip Irrigation Systems Designed & Installed in South Tacoma

drip-irrigation-system-south-tacoma-waMost people know that lack or deficiency of water harms their plantings and turf. Not many, however, realize that over-watering is as damaging for the foliage as under-watering.

We recommend the installation of custom drip irrigation systems in South Tacoma properties to make sure that the yard receives just the right amount of water. This is an efficient method of irrigation that allows water to reach the roots of grass and plants, preventing rotting of the foliage due to the ground becoming water-logged.

Water conservation and savings on utility bills are delightful additional benefits of using this type of system. Our well-trained technicians are committed to taking all hassle out of landscape and lawn irrigation for our customers.

Property owners who hire us to design and install drip irrigation systems can expect a system that is:

  • High-performing
  • Easy to run and manage
  • Reliable
  • Durable

Let Us Help You Maintain Your South Tacoma Lawn Irrigation System

lawn-irrigation-south-tacoma-waThe performance and longevity of lawn irrigation systems depend on how well they are maintained. Even top-brand systems can develop problems and fail prematurely if not serviced properly on a regular basis.

We can help you avoid lawn irrigation problems in South Tacoma without worrying about watering of your yard. Whether you have an underground or above ground lawn sprinkler system, our maintenance crew can service it and:

  • Confirm proper working of all components
  • Clean and unclog pipes and heads
  • Identify any plumbing or electrical repair needed

Hire Total Lawn Care, LLC for the installation and maintenance of your lawn irrigation system in South Tacoma. Call (253) 777-4664.