Irrigation Systems for Residential and Commercial Properties

Irrigation-System-Puyallup-WAAn efficient automatic system for landscape and lawn irrigation in your Puyallup, WA property is a must for healthy foliage growth in your yard. It also spares you the hassle of hauling hoses around the landscape and helps you save precious leisure time that would otherwise be spent in landscape watering.

Call Total Lawn Care, LLC for an easy, hassle-free, water-saving solution to meet your lawn irrigation requirements. Our landscaping company has been installing lawn sprinkler system as well as drip irrigation system in Puyallup properties since 2003. Besides installing farm irrigation systems, we also offer services for their:

  • Design
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Additions and upgrades

We can install a sprinkler and drip irrigation system in Puyallup for both residential and commercial properties.

Custom Drip Irrigation Systems Designed and Installed

Drip-Irrigation-System-Puyallup-WAThere are several advantages to installing drip irrigation system in your Puyallup property instead of using other options like sprinklers and manual watering. Since water is applied very gradually and directly to the plant/grass roots, a drip irrigation method results in:

        • Water conservation and prevention of soil erosion
        • Minimal fertilizer or nutrient loss
        • Cutting down on weed growth
        • Reduced water-borne fungal diseases and pests
        • Improved germination and growth of the desired foliage
        • Low energy usage and expenses

        Call us to install a drip irrigation system in your Puyallup home or business place and enjoy the benefits that come from the investment. We ensure a drip irrigation system design that is customized to the landscape layout and its watering needs. The system installation is done seamlessly by our skilled technicians, using top-grade piping and other supplies.

        Let Us Help You Maintain Your Lawn Irrigation System

        Lawn-Irrigation-Puyallup-WARegular maintenance of the lawn irrigation system in your Puyallup property ensures it:

        • It is functioning at peak efficiency
        • Has an optimal lifespan
        • Provides hassle-free use, year after year

        If your lawn irrigation equipment is well-maintained, it also helps you avoid problems like unequal water distribution across the yard, foliage damage due to under-watering or overwatering, and water wastage.

        Allow us to provide you with the maintenance services necessary to ensure you have high-performing equipment to meet your lawn irrigation needs in Puyallup. From seasonal maintenance work like winterization and start up to routine services like adjusting frequency and duration of watering time, we do it all.

        Thinking of installing a drip irrigation system in your Puyallup property? Interested in getting an underground or above ground sprinkler system? Call Total Lawn Care, LLC at 253-777-4664 to schedule a free consultation.