Irrigation Start Up Procedures to Insure a Proper Working System

install-sprinklers-tacomaAs the spring season arrives, your irrigation system needs irrigation start up procedures to revive it from hibernation. Total Lawn Care, LLC offers irrigation spring start up services to give your system a wake-up call and restore its usual functioning.

We schedule the irrigation start up carefully, guided by the weather conditions and your landscape’s irrigation needs. The irrigation spring start up services we provide include:

  • Checking the irrigation system for winter damage
  • Making repairs if required
  • Examining the operational efficiency of the system
  • Re-introducing water into every zone
  • Resetting the watering controls

Our irrigation spring start up experts open isolation and backflow device valves, clean nozzles, and adjust spray patterns. A few irrigation test cycles complete the irrigation start up work and gets your system set up for watering your landscaping properly throughout the growing season.

Irrigation Spring Start Up and Fall Winterization Services

new-sprinklers-tacomaFall winterization services are as critically important as irrigation spring start up if you want to enjoy years of effective service from your irrigation system. If you want the system to get through the extreme winter weather without any significant damage, allow us to winterize your system properly and couple the good work with the right irrigation start up procedures when winter gives way to spring.

We respect the time, money, and effort that has gone into the installation of your irrigation system. So,our irrigation spring start up and winterization services are aimed at helping you get the most out of the system. We perform the required fall winterization and irrigation spring start up services conscientiously, employing technicians who are:

  • Duly trained in irrigation spring start up procedures
  • Experienced in the irrigation start up needs of many different systems
  • Sincere
  • Hard-working


Irrigation Start Up, Cleaning and Repairs Improves Efficiency

sprinkler-system-tacomaThe irrigation spring start up services of TLC involve checking the condition of your irrigation system and ensuring that its efficiency is not compromised in any way.We realize that reckless irrigation start up can result in system or turf damage. As our irrigation start up technicians clean the system carefully, they watch out for systemic problems that may need to be addressed.

Our technicians follow up the right fall winterization techniques with proper irrigation spring start up procedures to give you irrigation systems that are:

  • Well-preserved
  • Damage-free
  • In top working order for the irrigation spring start up

Come to us for professional irrigation start up, cleaning, and repair services that restore and even improve the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Call 253-777-4664 to find out more about the irrigation start up services of Total Lawn Care, LLC.