French Drain Installation for Drainage Management

French-Drain-Lakewood-WAAs a commercial or residential property owner, you know how inefficient drainage systems can destroy your painstakingly installed landscaping. In the absence of proper French drain or trench drain networks, sudden or continual rainfall can lead to a flooded landscape.

Total Lawn Care, LLC offers expert services for French drain and trench drain installation that ensures efficient drainage management for dry and healthy landscapes.

A French drain may use a sump pump or flow downhill. If expertly installed, a French drain is a good option for drainage systems. Come to us if you want to install a French drain that:

  • Is quick to install
  • Is less expensive than some other drainage systems
  • Allows you to direct the flow of excess water as per your needs

Our French drain and trench drain installers have the expertise, training, and experience required to do a thorough job. We assure all our clients of efficient French drain systems on their property.

A Landscaping Trench Drain Provides Quick Evacuation of Water

Trench-Drain-LakewoodFrench drain and trench drain systems are two of the most common drainage systems installed on residential or commercial properties. Apart from excelling in installing French drain systems, TLC also specializes in landscape trench drain installation.

Also known as a channel drain, a trench drain is a long and narrow ditch usually made of concrete through which the surplus water flows away. Our drainage system experts are adept at trench drain construction. We ensure the proper installation of your landscape trench drain to help in:

  • Quick evacuation of excess water
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Prevention of water leakage into the basement or foundation

What Are the Benefits of Drainage Systems in Your Landscape Design?

lakewood-drainage-systemsLandscape designs are incomplete without the installation of the right drainage systems. If your drainage systems are not adequate for the amount of hydration your landscape is expected to receive, your landscaping investment can go to waste.

Smooth flowing and effective drainage systems are a must to:

  • Protect the lawn and landscape plants from excessive water intake
  • Save the hardscape elements of your landscaping from damage
  • Prevent mosquito infestation due to the accumulation of stagnant water

TLC can install custom drainage systems with the required trench drain and French drain networks. We design your drainage systems around the shape and size of your property, landscaping elevation, and other landscaping elements affecting the water flow.

Call 253-777-4664 to get your trench drain and French drain systems installed by Total Lawn Care, LLC. Landscape drainage systems are important to keep your plant health in check.