Build Metal Garage Puyallup


Storage is a big problem for most Puyallup residents. A metal garage in your Puyallup, WA residence or commercial property is going to be a great addition. Tailor-made metal garages are best as they meet everyone’s budget and requirements.

Get a garage constructed by a reliable company to get out of this tricky situation. You can choose Total Lawn Care, LLC. We are in this business since 2003 and have gotten better at our job.

Our garages reflect:

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Design aesthetics

Get your garage constructed by us if you want something unique on your property. Ask for approximate metal garage construction cost when you call us.

Steel Garage Contractor Puyallup


Everybody is going for steel garage in the Puyallup community. They make a perfect place to store your vehicles, hold family gatherings, etc. Some people choose a bigger steel garage even if they have one car and use the extra space for storage.

Always keep in mind that a steel garage is easy to install and extremely durable as well. Hire our services if you want custom designed garages.

We customize steel garage as per suggestions like:

  • Size and storage capacity
  • Metal gauge and quality
  • Style and design

The thing you would like most about our steel garage fabrication is the cost. We offer our services and products at very affordable rates so that everybody can have their personal steel garage on their property.

Steel or Metal Garage Construction Puyallup


Among the various garage construction companies in the Puyallup region, we are one of the most sought after. We take the garage construction business very seriously. We complete each garage construction project that we take up right on time. For us, no project is big or small.

As a professional garage construction company, we ensure that the garage designed and installed by us is durable, weather resistant, and low-on maintenance. All these are to make sure they increase your property value and give you that extra space you always wanted.

Metal garages can be used as:

  • Tool storage unit
  • Home office
  • Repair shop
  • Workshop or workspace
  • Hobby room

Hire us as your garage construction company to do metal garage fabrication on your property. You can trust us with your garage requirements. We adhere to the budget constraints when handling the project and ensure timely completion without creating a mess on your property.

You can reach Total Lawn Care, LLC at (253) 777-4664 to book a slot for installing metal garage on your Puyallup property. We offer specialized garage construction solutions.