Build Metal Garage Auburn


Metal garages in the Auburn, WA area have become popular with homeowners as they are affordable and durable alternatives to stick built garages. A garage can serve many purposes for your home, farm, and business.

With a metal garage, you have no worries of termites and high maintenance costs. If you are looking for maintenance-free, strong, well-built and cost-effective construction services, Total Lawn Care, LLC is a trusted metal garage contractor in the Auburn area.

We have a highly skilled team to provide you with pre-engineered and pre-fabricated metal garage construction for your property. With our excellent custom designs tailored to suit your needs, you can accommodate your vehicles, farm tools, recreational equipment or whatever you please in your garage.

Choose us for:

  • Quick assembly
  • Custom designs
  • Cost effective construction
  • Hassle-free services

Steel Garage Contractor Auburn


As a steel garage contractor for Auburn residents, we like to offer speedy, trouble-free, and economical assembly solutions along with flexible designs. Our steel garage designs can be customized to meet your required variables of ceiling height, floor space, garage doors, roof pitches and more.

The best part is they are tough for handling strong wind, rain, snow and all kinds of rough weather.

As one-stop specialists for steel garage construction in Auburn area, we also help clients with:

  • Appropriate guidance
  • Site plans
  • Using established engineering systems
  • Choosing the right quality
  • Identifying appropriate budget

Call us for end-to-end metal steel garage construction services by experienced and highly trained professionals.

Steel or Metal Garage Construction Auburn


When it concerns a garage for personal use or business, never settle for rickety wooden buildings, which are sure to deteriorate sooner than metal constructions. If you do not want leaky roofs and a termite-ridden garage, choose a prefabricated steel garage construction that is sure to serve you for decades.

As a provider of garage construction, we provide long-lasting steel garage construction at truly affordable prices. With our architects and engineers designing and assembling your garage with high-performance metal, your metal garage is sure to add the best value.

With our superior construction, you will find

  • Lasting sustainability
  • High performance
  • Desirable efficiency
  • Good functionality
  • Ability to withstand extreme weather
  • Investment optimization

For a prefabricated metal or steel garage for Auburn homes and businesses call Total Lawn Care, LLC at (253) 777-4664. We are a trusted construction contractor providing strong and long-lasting metal garage construction for your area.