3 Ways Landscape Companies Enhance Your Property

tlclawns-landscape-companiesWhen it comes time to sell their home, a lot of homeowners think that the only way to increase its value is to invest in interior renovations. Not so. While we may spend more of our time inside, our dollars are often best spent outside the home.

From increasing your home’s value to boosting its appearance, landscape companies can do a huge amount to improve your home from the outside. Read on to learn the top three ways that landscape companies enhance your property.

Great landscaping enhances your home’s value

If you’re aiming to sell your home at the highest possible price, investing in a stylish garden is a great way to improve your prospects. Great landscaping separates good homes from great ones, and inexpensive homes from high-priced ones.

If your home looks wonderful inside, with modern fittings and great design, look at your yard for value-boosting opportunities. A great-looking yard is often the ideal tool for increasing the value of your property.

A stylish garden makes your home a local star

Have you ever walked past a home with an incredible garden? From tropical plants to wonderful layouts and unique water features, giving your yard some flair is one of the best ways to help your home stand out.

Since a great yard is relatively inexpensive to maintain, it’s often better to improve your yard using unique plants and an incredible layout than it is to renovate your home’s exterior.

Scheduled landscaping keeps you stress-free

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day at work to remember that your yard needs mowing. Hiring a landscape company to manage and maintain your yard may seem unnecessary, but the benefits truly outweigh the costs.

From lower stress levels to a yard that looks stylish, modern, and well maintained in all seasons, the benefits of hiring a landscape company to maintain and manage your yard make the small costs almost negligible.

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3 Tacoma Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

tlclawns-landscaping-tacomaDid you know that you can easily increase your home’s value by making some small changes to its yard? From high-contrast plants to great irrigation, small changes to your yard’s design and maintenance system can result in big improvements.

Read on to learn three simple Tacoma landscaping tips that you can implement on your own or with the assistance of a landscaping company to improve your yard’s looks, simplify its maintenance, and increase your home’s value.

Use color to create a dynamic garden

Great gardens don’t just rely on green or brown. Instead, they use a variety of colors to create beautiful contrast and dynamic looks. From purple to yellow, use seasonal plants and colorful flowers to add depth and color to your yard.

Think of your yard as a painting. First, it needs a deep base, which is provided by a dark mulch. Second, it needs a large body of green trees and shrubs. Finally, it needs a wide range of colorful flowers to add the vital finishing details to your artwork.

Invest in a great irrigation system

Keeping your garden properly irrigated is vital for overall lawn maintenance. While the Seattle region gets plenty of rainfall on its own, having an irrigation system lets you selectively control which areas of your yard are watered, and which aren’t.

Invest in a great irrigation system that allows you to keep your lawn and garden as hydrated as it needs to be, even during periods of relatively low rainfall. Irrigation systems are surprisingly inexpensive, and can be installed by any good landscaping company.

Keep your mulch fresh for optimum contrast

One of the best ways to revitalize your garden is by adding fresh mulch to the soil in order to increase its contrast. Since the mulch is dark and moist, it immediately adds an additional layer of dark contrast to the green, pink, blue, and yellow plant life.

Just like great artworks rely on contrast, a great lawn and garden is all about using a dark layer of mulch to your advantage. Try to keep your mulch fresh whenever you notice your yard looking ‘washed out’ and lacking contrast.

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Choosing a Landscaping Company: What Should You Avoid?

tlclawns-landscaping-companyFrom low quality results to stolen deposits, the list of landscaping scams is growing longer by the year. Many unscrupulous landscaping companies have fleeced people of their deposits, their possessions, and in some cases, the quality of their yard.

Every homeowner deserves the great results and incredible work that a skilled and qualified landscaping company can deliver. Use these three simple tips to avoid the industry’s unethical providers and find a landscaper that can deliver quality work.

Avoid paying a large deposit before the company starts working

Here’s a frustratingly common landscaping scam: you’re approached by a company that offers to landscape your garden, often at a very low price. They request a small deposit, make an appointment, and then never show up to work in your yard.

Deposit theft is nothing new, but it continues to be a problem for consumers that are targeted by shady landscapers. If a company approaches you and asks for a deposit, avoid them in favor of a landscaper that offers a results-based service.

Avoid companies that can’t offer positive customer references

Good landscapers have lengthy lists of happy customers. Bad landscapers have lists of promises that rarely, if ever, amount to anything. Before you choose a landscaping company to manage your yard, ask them to provide a customer reference.

If you’re interested in working with a landscaping company that can’t provide any references from past customers, ask them to invoice you after they complete their work. Many brand new landscapers are actually shady deposit theft operations.

Avoid companies with bad BBB or Rip-Off Report feedback

If a company is using unethical tactics to target homeowners, it’s bound to result in negative feedback and consumer warnings. Before you work with any landscaping company, Google their name and search for their Better Business Bureau profile.

If the landscaper has numerous negative reviews and unresolved complaints, it’s generally best to avoid working with them. If they have on profile, they’re likely a new company that hasn’t had any complaints or negative customer experiences.

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Why Tacoma Tree Service is an Important Part of your Landscaping

Why-Tacoma-Tree-Service-is-an-Important-Part-of-your-LandscapingHigh quality Tacoma tree services are very essential in maintaining the look and feel of the landscape design of your home or property.

Everyone can agree that no matter how much the best lawn in your neighborhood is maintained, a small mistake or failure to properly prune and maintain the trees in the compound can lead to a landscaping disaster.  This explains why it is crucial that one hires a landscaping company to carry out this job.

In Tacoma various landscaping firms are available and thus one can never have difficulties in getting these firms. However, critical analysis should be made before choosing a landscaping firm.

The ideal provider of your tree services should have extensive experience in providing landscaping services to clients. They should provide picture evidence of their past work as well as testimonials from its clients.

There are a myriad of reasons as to why tree service is an important aspect of landscaping. These include the following:

  1. It has a lot of impact on the value of property. It has been established that a front yard tree normally adds 1 percent to the asking price of a home. On the other hand, a large tree within your compound adds 10 percent value to the value of the property. Tree service is thus very crucial.

  2. It adds value to businesses. It has been proven that most shoppers spend more time when they visit stores with tree-lined spaces. Well maintained trees also give a different impression to shoppers. People tend to associate well maintained trees with higher-end shopping stores.

  3. Lush trees that are well positioned also have an impact on the air conditioning bills and heating bills. They normally lower heating bills by 3% and lower air conditioning bills by 56%.

All these benefits can be derived by hiring a reputed Tacoma tree services provider. The service is ideal for both businesses as well as residential areas. By choosing the right tree service firm one can get the best tree service which will boost the value of their property or home. Landscaping is a key determinant of the image projected to any visitor when they come to your home or property therefore it should be designed with the highest level of professionalism and skill.


How To Choose The Right Landscape Company For Your Home

From pruning your plants to mowing your lawn, taking care of your yard requires a proactive approach that not everyone can provide. By choosing the right landscape company to take care of your yard, you can avoid ending up with mediocre results, an unsightly garden, and the ire of your neighbors.

Before you pick any old landscaping contractor, use these three simple strategies to find great candidates to take care of your garden:

1. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations

Do any of your neighbors have exceptionally nice yards? If there’s a superstar yard in your neighborhood, ask the homeowners for information on who they’ve chosen to maintain their property.

Great landscapers get by on recommendations, and most will be happy to add you to their list of clients. Enjoy great results and a consistent style that puts your home ‘in tune’ with the neighborhood’s tastes.

2. Check their reputation on the Internet

From destroyed property to frustratingly common deposit scams, some landscapers seem to thrive on unsavory tactics. Make sure that you’re hiring a good landscaping company by checking their reputation on the Internet.

Websites like Rip-off Report and the Better Business Bureau are ideal for spotting a scam before you get caught up in it. Search the trading name of your landscaper to check out their feedback, and be sure to hire them if it’s overwhelmingly positive.

3. Ask for a clear, specific landscaping contract

Protect yourself from being overcharged by landscapers by getting everything in writing before they start working on your property. This way, you’ll never be hit with surprising extra costs or fees that you never negotiated.

Most landscapers will be happy to take care of your yard on a long-term contract, as it protects both them and you from any potential disputes. Work out what you’ll pay and how often you’ll pay it, and enjoy years of stress-free landscaping services.

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How Tacoma Landscaping Planning will Boost the Value of Your Property

landscaping-tacoma-waIf you are considering beginning a landscaping project in either your home or property then hiring a landscaping company can be one of the best decisions that you can ever make. In Tacoma it is quite easy to get a landscaping firm.

These firms are numerous in the area and thus it is not so much of a hassle to get the right one even though the firms’ competence may vary. This is why one has to carry out sufficient research before choosing their Tacoma landscaping firm.

Landscaping is very crucial in boosting the value of a home or property. It adds a lot of value to a home if it is well planned and executed. The decision to begin a landscaping project should be taken seriously.

A proficient landscaping company will take its customer through various steps involved and lay down the amount required for the entire project. This is crucial since one can be able to weigh their ability of meeting the budget. The landscaping firm will also analyze the needs of their customer before coming up with the ultimate solution.

Various landscaping companies apply different approaches in analyzing the needs of their clients and coming up with solutions. The ideal landscaping firm should have extensive experience and skills in handling various firms. They should make customer service their number one priority. Any firm that does no make their customer number one is misplaced since in any business the customer is king.

Before choosing a landscaping firm one should firstly know what they would like to have then search for a reputable landscaping firm and give them their suggestions. The contractor should give the client pictures of their initial work and also testimonials from past clients. These are very important when evaluating the competence of a particular firm.

Those that fail to submit them should never be hired irrespective of the cost. Another factor to follow is your instinct when negotiating with the landscaping firm. If your guts tells you that the firm is the right one to hire then there is no need to delay but in case you feel uncomfortable with the firm then remove it from your list immediately.

With the internet it is now very easy to choose your ideal Tacoma landscaping firm. All that one needs to do is conduct sufficient online research about various firms then choose the one they like best.