Beauty Bark Installation or Replacement Services

bark-tacomaExtremely useful in gardens and landscapes, beauty bark is mulch made from shredded or chipped tree bark. Beauty bark can be used in landscaping in many ways, such as:

  • Around trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • On walkways
  • As bark ground cover
  • In pet enclosures
  • For bordering fences and driveways
  • In barbeque and picnic areas

The right beauty bark depends on the local climate and the part of landscaping the landscape bark is used for. At Total Lawn Care, LLC, we keep this fact in mind while performing our beauty bark installation or replacement services.

Our beauty bark installation specialists are extremely knowledgeable and stay updated about the finest beauty bark products on the market. Their courteous and friendly attitude makes beauty bark and bark ground cover installation totally hassle-free services that are completed to your full satisfaction.

Landscape Bark to Enhance Residential and Commercial Landscaping

top-soil-tacoma-waWhen it comes to landscape bark, count on the TLC beauty bark experts to use this abundant, attractive, and versatile natural material to optimal advantage in your residential and commercial landscaping.

Our bark ground cover installation team looks not only at using landscape bark for its nutritional functions, but also strives to make an aesthetic use of landscape bark. We try to match the landscape bark color and texture to the area it is being applied over.

Our landscape bark installers also consider the type and size of the plant the beauty bark is being spread around. This way, the landscape bark boosts the health of plants and also enhances the overall beauty of the landscaping.

Come to us for landscape bark mulch that makes your landscaping look:

  • Neat and beautiful with bark ground cover
  • Colorful with landscape bark
  • Flourishing with foliage due to the help of bark ground cover

Why is Bark Ground Cover Beneficial to Any Landscaping?

beauty-bark-tacomaBark ground cover is a popular organic product with multiple beneficial uses in any landscaping project. Beauty bark or bark ground cover makes for a decorative surface and is also great for conserving water and improving the soil quality.

Allow TLC to enrich your landscaping with the right amount of bark ground cover. We assure you of a thick enough bark ground cover to make sure your landscape gets all the benefits the beauty bark offers:

  • Protection to plants from weeds with landscape bark mulch
  • Addition of moisture and nutrients to soil
  • Protection of plants from freezing winter temperatures
  • Keeping soil cool in summers with bark ground cover
  • Controlling soil temperature fluctuations

Call Total Lawn Care, LLC 253-777-4664 to learn more about using organic beauty bark to beautify your landscaping.