Backflow Preventer Installation for Home and Business Property

When you maintain an irrigation system for your landscaping needs, you are required by law to have a backflow preventer installed on the property. A backflow preventer is a mechanical plumbing device that prevents the mixing up of non-potable or waste water with the drinking water flowing into your home or business property.

Total Lawn Care, LLC offers specialized services for backflow preventer installation to guarantee you peace of mind with the knowledge that your water is clean and free from contaminants. Our backflow preventer installation services involve:

  • Use of high quality, approved backflow preventer devices with proven efficiency
  • Following the city plumbing codes for backflow preventer installation
  • Backflow preventer installation by knowledgeable and trained professionals

We also have the expertise to serve you with backflow preventer repair and backflow testing.

Backflow Testing to Determine Pollution and Contamination

All property owners are required to get periodic backflow testing to ensure that their water supplies are safe from the harmful effects of backflows. Backflow testing is desirable to ensure that your water pipes are free from:

  • Pollution
  • Contamination
  • Air gaps (that may cause backflows)

TLC offers backflow testing services to test the efficacy of your backflow preventer and verify that it is operating properly. Over time, a backflow preventer may fail because of several factors, such as frequency of use, water quality, water pressure, improper backflow preventer installation, and freezing.

We conduct backflow testing carefully, giving due attention to detail and using advanced backflow testing kits. Our backflow testing technicians are committed to protecting you from the health issues that crop up when dirty water mixes with your potable water.

What are Backflow Prevention Services?

Backflow refers to the backward flow of waste water whereby, instead of leaving a property, it starts flowing into the water system. Our backflow prevention services are aimed at preventing this undesirable backflow that makes the potable water contaminated and unfit for use.

TLC offers backflow prevention and backflow testing services that are beneficial for you, your family, pets, and the plant life on your property. After all, clean and unpolluted water is important not only for human well-being, but also for the good health of flora and fauna.

The comprehensive backflow prevention services we provide include:

  • Backflow preventer installation
  • Backflow preventer repair
  • Backflow testing

Call Total Lawn Care, LLC at 253-777-4664 for efficient, safe, and reliable backflow preventer installation and backflow testing services.